Aromatic solvents are present in some formulations of lacquers and pigments in solvent in the quantities allowed by the regulations in force, although some of these solvents are recognized as dangerous for human health (toluene and xylene).

The commitment in the research and formulation of products free from aromatic solvents responds to the needs of many of the most important BRAND (ZDHC – MRSL), increasingly attentive and sensitive to problems relating to health and the environment, which require products such as lacquers and pigments in solvent with high technical performance but completely free of this type of solvents.

ECOFIN is the innovative line of FINIKEM products completely free from aromatic solvents. These products offer all the chemical-physical resistance properties of the traditional ones, and meet the needs of all those tanneries that want to offer leather goods in respect of human health and the environment.

NameDescriptionRichiedi info

Plasticized transparent lacquer.


Black pigment in solvent.


Solvent wax for brush-off effects.


Matt lacquer.